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Eat Well, Live Well

Health and wellness tips for your work, home, and life. Brought to you by the Employee Benefits Team at BHIB.

James Brooks, Employee Benefits Account Broker, gives some tips on how small modifications to your eating habits, can make a big difference!

“If changing eating habits were easy, everyone would be fit and healthy. One key to making lasting improvements is to make changes in stages. Start with something simple and stick to it for a week. After your family has mastered one change, add another.”

Some Ideas to Get You Started

• Eat breakfast.
• Substitute water for one sugary drink each day.
• Eat one to two more fruits or vegetables each day.
• Plan a healthy snack for each day of the week.
• Switch to a low-fat version of a favourite food.
• Plan three meals and two snacks every day.
• Plan a home-cooked meal, which usually has fewer calories, more reasonable portions and costs less than typical meals eaten at restaurants.

You can learn more by downloading our useful guide here or alternatively, contact James on (0116) 2819143 or email him

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