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What to do in the event of…..An Injury to an employee

Call for an ambulance

Make sure that the first aider has called the emergency services

Secure the site

Make sure that the site is cordoned off. Take photographs of the site of the incident or a video recording. Ascertain whether there were any witnesses and arrange for statements to be taken from them. If equipment was involved ensure that that equipment is secured and not disposed of.


If the incident is reportable to the HSE telephone them with full details of the incident so that they can decide whether they wish to attend the site.


Inform the next of kin of the incident and advise them where the injured party has been taken. Offer to take them to the hospital if required. In view of social media speeding up the relay of information this is now particularly important that contact is made as soon as possible.

Broker and Insurers

Inform your broker and insurers of the incident whether you think a claim will be forthcoming or not. All policies have a notification period clause in them which requires you to advise your insurers of serious incidents. They may also carry out an investigation which should be done as early as possible whilst the incident is still fresh in people’s memories.

If you have a personal accident policy which covers your employees you will also need to inform them of the incident.

Legal Element

In the event of a serious injury or death to an employee it may be worth considering reporting the matter to your legal advisors in case the Police or HSE wish to interview you if they consider that you may be in breach of any Health & Safety legislation.


Make sure that counselling is offered to anyone who may have witnessed, or been effected, by the event.

Post Loss Investigation

Make sure that a post-loss investigation is carried out by your competent Health & Safety person to learn any possible lessons from the event and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again in the future. Training records may prove to be vital and copies of the employee’s records maybe called for by your insurers. Remember that this report will be disclosable to the employees solicitors should the employee subsequently make a claim against your company. However, if the investigation recommends certain measures are put in place do not hesitate to make those changes.

Be Considerate

Consider sending flowers or chocolates to the employee whilst he/she is convalescing. This is not an admission of guilt but an admission that you care.

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    Brian Joined BHIB in 2017 and his previous employment included Insurance Manager for the University of Warwick, both Leicester and Coventry City Councils, Liability Loss Adjuster at Cunningham Lindsey, Claims Manager for Argos and originally at Commercial Union in Coventry.