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Home Cyber cover – everything you need to know about domestic cyber insurance

Our homes are slowly filling up with connected devices such as smart speakers, webcams, thermostats and lighting – all of which offer convenience, comfort and peace of mind. However, for all of their obvious benefits, these connected devices also provide cybercriminals with a potential point of entry to your home network.

High Net Worth individuals are at particular risk of a domestic cyber-attack as they are typically ‘early adopters’ of new connected technologies and have significant financial resources for cyber-criminals to target.

Many will also have inadequate cybersecurity arrangements to cover any losses following such an attack.

cyber security and fraud risk

What protection does Home Cyber cover offer?

If you suffer a cyber-attack, our Home Cyber policy (which is available as an extension to our Covea Eminent Home policy) can cover costs related to rectifying the damage to home systems as well as restoring lost data, removing viruses and hiring professional cyber security consultants to help prevent any further attacks.

Also, Home Cyber cover can offer protection if you fall victim to online fraud, telephone hacking and even cyber ransom/blackmail attempts. The protection offered can be summarised into three main categories: Cyber crime cover, Cyber home systems damage cover and Cyber online liability cover.


Cyber crime cover

This can cover costs associated with:

  • Online fraud
  • Payments to telephone service providers following a hacking
  • Cyber ransom demands (including the payment of a ransom where agreed)
  • Help with correcting credit records and reclaiming control of their identity


Cyber home systems damage cover

This can cover costs associated with:

  • Repairing, reconfiguring and rectifying damage to home network systems
  • Locating and removing computer viruses
  • Hiring professional consultants to help prevent future attacks


Cyber online liability cover

This can cover damages and defence costs that arise from:

  • The failure to secure or prevent unauthorised access to publication of or use of data
  • The unintentional transmission of a computer virus, hacking attack or denial of service attack
  • The loss of reputation or the breach or intellectual property rights as a result of online activities

The Home Cyber extension can provide up to £50,000 cover and also includes up to £1,000 of cover for professional counselling fees if you or a member of your family suffers trauma or distress caused by cyber bullying.

Our cyber risk specialist Andy Hall says: “We have seen a huge increase in cybercrime over the last few years which has recently overtaken physical crime. 

“Cyber criminals are using sophisticated techniques to compromise computers and devices in our homes and the costs to rectify the damage can be very expensive.”   

To learn more about Home Cyber cover in more detail, speak to your usual BHIB contact or get in touch with our Private Clients team on 0330 024 06 06 or email