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How Seriously Do You Take Your Health?

Jo Tressler, head of Employee Benefits for BHIB writes: –

I would like to pose you with a few questions about how seriously you actually take your health??

  • We live our lives keeping our material items serviced and fully functioning – this includes cars, lap tops, mobile phones and home appliances. Yet have you ever thought about an MOT for yourself? And how this may provide prevention rather than cure?
  • Do you and your employees know and understand the health risks for poor lifestyle and what actions can be taken, before a medical condition becomes an actual problem?

It’s a myth that health assessments are just for people that think they have health problems or have a family history of poor health. Many people are affected by the challenges of modern day life such as stress, poor posture and dietary issues as well as established health concerns. A health assessment is an opportunity for people of all ages and stages of life to take an in-depth look at the health areas that we all have some control over.

Lifestyle illnesses are becoming more prevalent with even more cases of cancer, diabetes, lung disease and heart conditions being diagnosed.  However early intervention and gaining an understanding of your health and wellbeing could literally add years to your life!

We think a brand new suite of Nuffield Health Screens, which have been designed for you and your employees of all age groups and budget, are a breath of fresh air in this market.  Making screening more accessible, less cost prohibitive and relevant for all age groups.


PATH – Personalised Assessment for Tailored Health – By Nuffield Health

There are 8 health assessment solutions to choose from, starting from as little as £20 for a year’s access to an online health risk analysis tool. From just £119 you can spend time face-to-face with a Physiologists and from there, a range of assessments up to their most comprehensive two and half hour screening programme with a Doctor and Physiologist, held in one of their centres across the UK.

Everyone who undertakes a face-to-face assessment also has two follow telephone coaching sessions with a physiologist.

An initial assessment is undertaken by a pioneering system that uses clinical algorithms to assess an individual’s health and provides feedback and recommendations in regard to both actions and screening requirements, including Cancer Risk Reduction, Back and Posture Health, Stress and Resilience Management and Cardiovascular Performance.

They have split the 8 screens they offer into 2 specific types, depending upon requirements:-

  1. Coaching and Lifestyle Guidance – these are light touch and practical to refresh lifestyle
  2. These provide clinical focus with doctor and physiologist led consultations

Unlike many screening centres Nuffield have their own onsite pathology which enables them to provide feedback on results the same day and face to face with the attendee, rather than issuing a paper report at a later date for the individual to understand on their own.

These benefits can be offered on a company paid, salary deductible/voluntary basis or as a flexible benefits arrangement and offer something truly tangible and different for your employees.

If you would like further information then please follow this link for more information on the PATH solutions . To discuss further please contact the BHIB Employee Benefits team on 0116 2819292 or email:

Jo Tressler Head of Employee Benefits

Jo has over 25 years’ experience, specialising in the Employee Benefits field. She spent her formative years working for an insurer, but for the last 15+ years she has worked for a broker. Her passions are first class service and support for her clients.