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Self-Driving Cars – Our Take

ON 22 February, the Government published the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, with the hope being that these measures will help the UK to become a world leader in the area of self-driving and autonomous vehicles.

This Bill sets out proposed new insurance guidelines for self-driving cars, to ensure members of the public are protected in the event of an incident involving a self-driving vehicle. Innocent victims involved in a collision with an automated vehicle will consequently have quick and easier access to compensation.

BHIB motor specialist Mat Kiff has welcomed this legislative proposal: “There has been much talk within the industry relating to who is liable in the event of an accident involving these vehicles. This Bill will allow insurers to now deliver products that ensure cover is in place for both the motorist when they are driving, as well as the car when it is in automated mode.

It is a misconception of the majority of the general public that autonomous vehicles are something futuristic and will not arrive for a number of decades. The reality is that this technology is already developed and being tested extensively across the world – Nissan are testing vehicles in London now and Volvo will be doing the same later in the year.

Most new vehicles on the road already have Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) such as lane departure, potential collisions alerts, adaptive cruise control, front and rear cameras and autonomous emergency braking. All of these are good innovations in their own right that lead to a safer environment.

As the vast majority of claims are caused by human error, the manufacturers and government are focusing on making our roads safer through the introduction of further technology to reduce and eventually completely remove that risk.

The majority of the main vehicle manufacturers are on record saying they will have fully self-driving vehicles on the market by 2020/21 so if, like me, you enjoy driving, make the most of it as our days may well be numbered.”

If you would like to discuss this or any other motor related issue contact Mat Kiff, BHIB Motor Specialist via email, or call us on 0330 024 06 06.