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Through The Portal

Glenn Worth, BHIB’s Head of IT & Digital Communications, explains why giving choice when communicating is important….

“The pace of change in today’s society is frighteningly fast, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down! People’s lives are busier than ever and that means demands on our time are becoming greater.

Years ago, people would wait. We would wait for shopping, we would wait for bank statements, we would wait for letters from accountants, insurance companies, etc. And in some instances they could take days or weeks to arrive. Now though, we live in a culture of immediacy. People want information, documentation and detail when THEY demand it.

Technology has fundamentally changed us – we have become a very impatient society – and this is not necessarily a bad thing. As consumers, we have the tools available to us to be more efficient and make our lives easier, and as a service industry we are no different. We now have complex systems and tools available to make our clients’ lives easier.

The challenge to us is to adapt and accept this as part of our responsibility when offering our professional services to our clients.”

BHIB’s own Virtual Broker client portal is just one tool in our toolbox. The portal allows our clients to access their own policy & claims information and important documentation online, whenever and wherever they are, any time of day or night. You are also able to submit claims (including photos and supporting documentation) and request changes to your existing policies.

The portal can be accessed via our website from any PC or mobile device. Alternatively you can find us by searching BHIB in the Google Play or iTunes stores by following the links or clicking the logos at the top of our website.

Of course there is little point in investing in (and deploying) technology unless it truly benefits the customer. Jayne Paterson, Office Manager of Modus Utilities Limited, is an existing user of the BHIB Virtual Broker Portal:

“It’s great that we can see all the claims that Modus have had since the company started.

The information is really useful as it shows what claims are still open and what have been closed at the touch of a button.”

This is only one example of the great feedback our new portal has received.

If you are an existing client or a potential client who would like to learn about how BHIB’s Virtual Broker can assist you, speak to your usual BHIB contact today, or email Glenn Worth, Head of IT & Digital Communications –