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The Value Of Health Insurance

Adam Grundy, BHIB Employee Benefits Account Executive outlines reasons why our clients value private health insurance.

“Our clients value their private health insurance for numerous different reasons. You’d be correct if you’re thinking that the majority of treatments available privately are also available on the NHS but timescales to access treatment and diagnosis can vary and being in pain whilst waiting weeks or months or having that uncertainty of not knowing when you’re going to be treated or what your symptoms mean can cause a lot of distress, not to mention the potential disruption to your work and personal life.

We’re incredibly lucky to have free healthcare but you only need to turn on the news each day to see that NHS is struggling to cope with the demands of an ageing and ever increasing population. Waiting times at the moment are the highest since 2008 and having private health insurance can complement the NHS as well as providing you with a degree of certainty and reassurance in the knowledge that you have access to diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner and in a comfortable environment.

Here’s some of the key reasons that our clients value their private health insurance:

  1. The luxury of their own room in a private hospital. You can’t put a price on privacy.
  2. Access to drugs and treatments without NHS budgetary constraints.
  3. Very low risk of MRSA and C.difficile in private hospital.
  4. Appointments in comfortable private hospitals at THEIR convenience and promptly after referral from a GP.
  5. Speed of diagnosis and treatment thereafter.
  6. Continuity of care – having the same specialist throughout their treatment.

In December 2017, 12% of people waited longer than 18 weeks to ‘start’ treatment following a referral from their GP for a routine operation* which is considerable when you take into account the impact on your daily life of potentially not being able to walk unaided, sit comfortably, grip a pen or a steering wheel, carry your shopping or run your business.

If you’re one of the more fortunate individuals that have rarely or never had to call upon your local private or NHS health services then it’s more difficult to see the value in a private health insurance policy but we find that once our clients have experienced the services available, they’re very reluctant to ever be without the safety net that their insurance provides.

BHIB Insurance Brokers are an independent insurance broker with a specialist employee benefits team. We can provide you with flexible insurance solutions that give you and your employees access to private healthcare as well as a full range of employee benefits to protect and reward your number one asset.”

*NHS waiting times from Kings Fund March 2018 Quarterly Monitoring Report

You can learn more by visiting our Employee Benefits team page, or contacting Adam on (0116) 2819148 or emailing him

Adam Grundy Employee Benefits Account Executive

Adam has worked in the employee benefits industry for 12 years with 10 of those spent at a leading insurer specialising in private medical insurance. He believes in educating his clients so they can make informed decisions and helps them to buy benefits and business protection that they’re happy with. Outside of work Adam is a Leicester Tigers season ticket holder enjoys nothing more than to sample the various culinary delights that the world has to offer.